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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#1112: Celebrating Charisse's Birthday // We're The Furballs (WTF) & Lucha Loco

Had a really fruitful day last Saturday and did many things \m/

Firstly, I had a really good lunch with the boy at Saizeriya which is an Italian restaurant which serves good food for a pretty decent price. 

I went to the one located at City Square mall but they have quite a few outlets. I've been to the ones at Liang Court and Hougang 1 before.

Location: 180, Kitchener Road #B2 55/56, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

I'm in love with their mushroom soup which costs only $2.90?! Insanely cheap for a bowl of soup IMO. (And btw, they do not have service charge or GST so this bowl of soup is literally only $2.90.)

My usual order of curry chicken baked rice.

Decided to try to different side dishes this time! We ordered the chicken fritto (served with pepper sauce) and oven grilled escargots.

The chicken frittos were basically japanese chicken if I'm not wrong but the pepper sauce that came with it was pretty delish!

Don't ask me how the escargots taste like 'cuz even though the boy said they tasted good, I'm not a fan of "weird" foods like that. /cringe/

And the boy's main, beef stew. He knows I love sweet corn so he always orders dishes from the steak section which are served with a side of sweet corn and he gives it all to me :* Hehe.

After that, I went off to meet the girls to celebrate Charisse's belated birthday at We're The Furballs (WTF). Punny.

Location: 45 East Coast Road, Singapore 428765.

(Just a side note, although their Facebook page says to take bus no. 10 or 32 from Dakota MRT and alight 5 stops later, it's actually the 6th stop, not the 5th.)

WTF is basically a dog cafe which allows customers to interact and play with the dogs present in the cafe. You have to pay an admission fee (which includes 1 drink) and there isn't a time limit as to how long you can spend in the cafe. 

I had high hopes for the cafe especially when after we visited a dog cafe in Korea but this cafe honestly disappointed me :'<

Firstly, the play area was insanely small so a lot of people squeezed into a tiny space with only about 7 dogs in total. Granted, we went on a Saturday afternoon but still.

There weren't any seats (only a small raised platform) and so every one mostly sat on the floor and tried to attract the attention of the few dogs that were present.

It did become better when the majority of the people left around 5ish but maybe my expectations were too high after going to the dog cafe in Korea (will blog about that soon!) thus I may be biased against the place? I'll probably not come back any time soon. (Really wanted to bring the boy here but, maybe not.)

The staff there were really friendly there tho! Good service is the one thing I always look out for.

The dogs were really cute though! You'll probably mostly see pictures of the same dogs 'cuz there weren't many to begin with.

From what I remembered, there was a Dachshund, two Pomeranians, a Toy Poodle, a Cavalier King Charles, a Maltese, and a Bulldog.

The dogs were super niap. After they get used to you, some of them will climb up onto your lap and just lie there which I found super adorable. Charisse was obviously super happy when the Dachshund climbed into her lap and proceeded to sit there with her.

I love Pomeranians :> :> :>

And Toy Poodles!! Super cute with all the curly hair going on :> :> :> This explains the spam of photos of this little cutie below.

As you can tell from the photos below, all the dogs instinctively know that Charisse is a dog lover. All of them choose to sit on her lap first before venturing to either Cheryl's or mine.

Was super glad when this little cutie decided to trust me and sit on my lap! Hehe fav dog :3

Went off at about 6ish in search of dinner. Cheryl's friend recommended Lucha Loco which is a Mexican restaurant located at Duxton Hill and I was pretty excited to try it 'cuz I've never had Mexican food before.

Location: 15 Duxton Hill, Tanjong Pagar.

We waited an insanely long time, slightly more than an hour? Which was the longest I've ever waited for a table but in the mean time, we had a mini celebration outside for Charisse!

Cheryl baked amazing muffins! I don't know how she does it but she just does.

Happy (belated) birthday bb!! (Not gna type out mushy things here, everything that I wna tell her is already written in her card) but I love you bb!! Here's to many more birthdays spent together to come :*

And after eons, we finally got a table!! The food was definitely worth the wait tho!

Tostaditas de Res.
New Zealand rib eye tostaditas with green tomatillo, leek, and capers. 

This tasted amazing!! The beef was so flavourful and I really liked this even though I don't usually eat beef.

Quesadilla de Pollo.
Chicken quesdilla with coriander, serrano chill and mojo verde.

This tasted super good too :') Everything tastes good when you're hungry but this was really really good.

Baja Fish Taco.
Crispy beer battered red snapper, mango salsa, mint and cabbage.

I thought having a fish taco would be weird but noooo, this tasted amazing. It's kind of like eating really good fish and chips but in a taco.

Life's been really good to me recently and I'm so grateful for everything I have in my life. It's not only that I always try to maintain a positive outlook about life and to find the bright side of everything but life's really been so good to me. 

Mostly also because I've been having a lot of good food and I've mentioned this before, the way to my heart is through my tummy. (The boy knows this really well ;) )

Also, I received really awesome news today (!!!) Thank God and His amazing grace because even though I didn't think much when I tried, He still listened and He blessed me way beyond what I even dare to dream about. I love you Daddy God. 

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