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Sunday, June 8, 2014

#1099: Updatessss

Been back in Singapore for about a week or so and I'm missing Korea so much :'( I've been busy practically every day since I've been back and it's exhausting, but on the up side it just means that I've got a lot done with is great as well.

Just thought that I'll do a "what's been going on in my life" blog post before the photos pile up and I take forever to get to my next Korea post.

If you noticed from my previous Korea post or from my Instagram, I've finally dyed my hair ombre!!! Been wanting to do it for the longest time but I thought I'll be finding a job after I graduated so I didn't do so. Since I've decided to give myself half a year break and then go back to study, I finally did it! And also because I dyed my hair red previously, my hair dresser couldn't get the red out of my hair and dye it to the shade I wanted in one day so I went back to the hair salon to touch up my hair color.

It's now currently this really pretty shade of ash that will fade to blonde eventually but it's so pretty now that I feel sad washing my hair every day :'(

Back to work on Tuesday and imma have stripes on my feet.

Hehe been obsessed with taking pictures of my hair before the colour fades so here's two photos, with and without flash!

And on Friday I had my favourite animal on my feet hehe. I love Korea and all the 1,000 won socks I bought back. So cheap and so cute.

Also, I decided to bring my camera to work on Friday and everyone shared my joy hehe.

With mah favourite girl at work. I'm honestly really upset with all the shit that's happening now but it's ok because it's just gna make us stronger. Us against the world :*

On Saturday, the Chengs went for our granddad's birthday gathering and then to KF's 21st party.

Featuring the #RBF.

Dad gave us a lift to WL to find the rest of the people before the bosses drove us all to the East in their mini van. Every time I'm inside I feel like we're being shipped off to some unknown land.


Andddd that's all for now folks! Next week's going to be yet another crazy week but it's okay, I know who has my back and who doesn't and that's good enough for me.

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