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Friday, June 6, 2014

#1098: Korea day 1 // Travelling to Korea, Breakfast in Hongkong, Paris Baguette & Travelling to Jeju

Everyone knows that I've been working REALLY hard and saving up just for my graduation trip to Korea with my two best girls and I was so psyched to finally have this dream come true! 

I still remember how even till the day we were supposed to leave,  we kept saying how it seemed like just yesterday that we started buying the air tickets and looking for guesthouses…. HEH.

Majorly excited here because we deserve this trip after slogging in school for 3 years and we're all finally done with everything hehe.

Bare-faced because our flight was at 1+am and all we intended to do was have supper in the plane and then SLEEP.

We had a 3 hour long transit at HK airport because Cathay screwed up and moved us to another flight when originally we could have had maybe an hour at HK only >:(

We grabbed Starbucks and some really good food for breakfast!

This beef noodles and the bun behind is da bomb!! I really love instant mee so that's why I love any food that makes use of instant mee always tastes good to me. And the bun behind had condensed milk in it :O

Touched down in Seoul finally at about 12 ish and the first thing we did was to slap on some makeup on our faces to make ourselves look more human. Despite being on the plane and in transit for almost half a day, we only got like 1-2 hours of sleep and we were exhausted but the wonders of make up to the rescue!

We still had one last flight to catch to Jeju so we stopped at Paris Baguette at Incheon airport for some food. I've never had Paris Baguette before in Singapore but the other two had it before so I let them make the food choices.

Caught the AREX (Airport Railroad) directly to Gimpo Airport which was where our flight to Jeju would be departing from.

The flight from Gimpo to Jeju took about an hour or so and we were thoroughly exhausted by then. After a whole day of traveling and 3 flights, all we wanted to do was to go to the guesthouse, bathe and sleep.

Bought noodles and really good banana milk back to the guesthouse to have as dinner.

Just in case you were wondering, we stayed at Yeha Guesthouse (Terminal) in Jeju. We took a cab from the airport over which cost us about 4,300won in total.

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