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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#1083: Last lap of insanity

This is the last lap of insanity that I have to go through, and tomorrow will be the last day of school I'll ever have in NTU. It truly is insane how the past 3 years have literally flown by. I do not feel prepared to graduate, I don't feel like I've learnt what I should learn in university. Given all this anxiety, I am nonetheless excited to embrace what comes next. 

If you were wondering how insane the next week is going to be for me...

Stayed awake 'till 2am last night revising for my test later in the day. Literally slept for only 3 hours. And tomorrow I've got the last presentation I'll ever have in NTU. On Thursday, I'll have to submit my History mini essay that I have to finish in 48 hours. And next Sunday is the dateline for my Philosophy assignment. It's going to be intense but I can do this.

But first, updates about what's been going on in my boring life.....

Favourite study bunny who always looks over me whenever I study at home. He will hop around enthusiastically whenever I let him out of his cage and do binkies around me before settling down opposite me to look at me. Hehe. I love my little fluffball.

Studying at Gloria Jean's till 10pm after a full day in school. Yes, my life is going crazy right now. Who knew I even studied?!

Playing with my sister's fisheye lens before work.

Evidence that Snowball is a glutton. He stuffs his face, literally. (Geddit?)

Ugly photo of me but yay this is some of the awesome people I work with.

Been trying to eat and drink clean(er) so salad at work for dinner!

White chicks just in time for Good Friday and Easter Sunday at Wimbly Lu!

I think my bunny is secretly an egg. With fur. And grey ears.

Church with the siblings on Sunday and lunch at Hot Tomato afterwards.

Service was good, but I thought the food was quite meh. Over priced and nothing fantastic.

My sister says I look like a cat here.........

Studied till 2am last night and then rewarded myself with some Ponggol nasi lemak for sups ^^

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