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Monday, April 21, 2014

#1084: I AM AN (Unofficial) \\ G R A D U A T E //

HELLO GUISE. This post is nearly a week late but like the title of this post says… HELLO I AM AN unofficial \\ G R A D U A T E // *pop champagne and party poppers*

I AM SO PSYCHED. I am (almost) free to do whatever I wna do for the next 6 months (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I just have one last assignment that's due this Sunday and then I AM FREE :> :> :>

Last Wednesday was the last day of school for me where I had the last project presentation I'll ever have in NTU.

Came home to realize that my sister was wearing a white dress as well!

Went to the Coffee Bean at Greenwich V to finish my history essay @.@ It was pouring so heavily.

And some other people came to crash with us. We took over Coffee Bean, the same way we usually take over anywhere else we go like Xin Wang and Suriya...

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