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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last weekend was a really busy one for me, simply because I had loads to do, many places to be at, and only one me.

Work on Saturday was pretty alright, except for the fact that I'm a really bad teacher and I don't know how to teach other people how to be a barista so I really hope Sam got the technique of making coffee and latte art. On one hand, she did a really cute elephant so I'm guessing she got the hang of things!

Rushed back home after work to bathe and get ready for the Gunners' Ball 2014. It's my first time going to such events and I had no idea what other people usually wore or how they accessorized their outfit but I think I did alright given the circumstances (and my ignorance).

And after the dinner, I rushed to the East to celebrate my dearest Pearleen's birthday. Friends for 7 years and counting! Thank you so much for waiting for me to reach before cutting the cake even though you had to make so many people wait :')

Korean food for dinner after church on Sunday with my brother and sister. Ridiculously overpriced but that's MBS for you I suppose.

And then I went to the airport to send my dearest BFF off.

I'm going to miss you so so much 'cuz life isn't going to be the same without you around. I'll take a bullet for you and I'll trust you with my life 'cuz you've been the one person that has been through thick and thin with me literally. Love you forever sweets! :* :*

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