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Saturday, March 1, 2014


It's hard to believe that February is over and with it marks the end of a tiring work month. With March comes my much deserved break from the real world and from Singapore. I can't wait to head off for a simple getaway trip just because I worked hard enough to deserve it. (Even if I have to slog like a cow again when I come back.)

But anyway, here's my week in photos:

Snowball looking really comfy with his head on his bunny pillow!

Did you know that Snowball has a grey patch on his tail? He has long hair on his bum area so his tail is actually hidden underneath all that fur. But he has a really cute little tail hehe.

Tuesday in my favourite colours. (Just had to post this photo 'cuz my legs rarely look this long, or this skinny.)

A really blur photo (which I didn't realize when it was taken and only realized when I wanted to post it up). But my outfit for school on Wednesday.

A bunch of flowers because of a silly quarrel. But nonetheless, thank you X

Thursday after work. In search of dinner to fill my tummy.

Survived a crazy intense 2 days at work. Although I usually work on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, WL recently extended their opening hours to 11pm on Friday nights which means we end later. And I joined my friends for supper. And, I walked home after that with my brother. Which means I only slept for 4 hours before going to work this morning.

I N S A N E.

But I survived which is awesome and only by God's grace that I did.

Okkkkkk, off to study before I head to bed earlier tonight 'cuz there's church (and work) tomorrow!


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