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Monday, February 24, 2014


Because Snowball is the cutest bunny ever (in my heart, except for Eddy/Rambo bunnies hehe), I should dedicate a post just for the little one that won my heart over at first sight.

I'm hardly ever at home but whenever I am, I try my best to let him out of the cage to run around because he needs to exercise and I can't do so when I'm not around. I typically just sit on the floor and do my work while he hops around at full speed and does bunny binkies. I have yet to catch that on video yet but I assure you, he looks super cute when he does that!

Snowball's really bite-y these days and he keeps biting whatever is within reach of him. And in this case, it's my Philosophy notes.

Ears forgot how to ear. 

Ears what are you doing?! Ears, STAHP.

Big fluffeh ball of fur with ears sitting beside me.

Used my phone's noobshit front camera to capture the next few photos and I think it's Snowball's first time seeing his reflection ever so he got really close to the camera and he took his first bunny selfie!

Ermahgerd why are your ears so big?! He looks like Dumbo, bunny version.

And then I messed around with his hair as usual 'cuz he looks so adorable with his hair messed up.

Mummy don't lie on me!!

Playing hide and seek with Snowball. He thinks I don't know where he is but I can clearly see one paw and one ear here. As well  as his bunny bum in the next photo!

And then he got tired from all the running and playing around that he started falling asleep heh. Silly bun bun.

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