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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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// S T R I P E S & B L A C K H I G H C U T S //

For once, I'm blogging on the actual day the photo(s) got taken, which is amazing 'cuz I typically blog like 1-2 weeks after that, or at the very least 3-4 days but since I'm super knackered from school today, I thought I would take time out to do something easy on my brain before I head to study Philosophy (why oh why did I ever think that taking Philo was a good idea?!)

Been so swamped with work (both school and paid work) recently because I over-estimated myself and the time I had to do my work. I literally did not know I had a history argument analysis to submit this Friday till last Tuesday when my tutor reminded us of it. Also, I didn't realize that I had both a Philo test and a presentation next week on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. And with the amount of days I spend working, I predict I'm going to be spending many late nights just catching up on everything.

Today's another 830am to 530pm school day which was made much worse because I only slept for 4 hours last night -__- But on a happier note…….

I'm so so psyched to be heading overseas during my recess week!!! It's the first time I've actually gone overseas during the school term before and since it's my last sem in NTU, #YOLO. (Even though I have a 22 page individual assignment due when I'm back, I'll find time to do it AND go overseas at the same time!)

Nothing's confirmed yet though but it'll be before the weekend is over. HEH.

S O P S Y C H E D!!!!!!!

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