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Monday, February 17, 2014

#1067: Nuvo

Hell week 2 of February is finally over and I have some time to take a breather, sort of. Actually no, 'cuz I've got a paper due next Friday and I haven't even started on it yet *shifty eyes*

But finally, next week I won't be working for 5 days, I'll be working for 4, which is a slight improvement I suppose? 

Anyway, here's my week in pictures!

Monochrome Wednesday because I'm boring like that.

Finally having my loklok craving satisfied :D:D

Every morning and night when I wake up/come home, Snowball will be at the cage door impatiently waiting for me. Typically, he's begging for pats, or to be let out of his cage, or food.

Here's him begging for pats hehe. I love him, he's sooooo cute I swear.

Got 2 bouquets of flowers because of a silly story but thank you nonetheless for them ^^

Spent Saturday after work having dinner at Nuvo! The food here was an interesting twist between Japanese and Italian cuisine. I love how their butter had seaweed in it and that their Angelhair was amazingly delish.

Here's Snowball peeping at me from the corner while I was studying.

Favourite Sunday night crew at work!

Aww :* All the best for your papers Van!!! I'll see you in 2 weeks!

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