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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I'm so insanely tired. Have I mentioned how tired I am?

I know I only have a 2 day school week but the two days that I'm in school, I'm there from 830am-530pm which are really long days if I do say so myself. Try waking up at 6am every day just to get to school. And if you've ever taken Philosophy or History before, you'll know how crazy the lessons are like with nonstop bombardment of content and arguments and whatever arty-farty stuff there is to be learnt. Try taking those two lessons together on the same day.

And then, I rush straight to work on Tuesdays because there isn't any one else to cover that shift. So I'm literally out of the house from 6.45am all the way till 11pm. And all day, I'm dying in class with my tutors' bullet-train shooting of points, doing readings, rushing to class, rushing to work, and then working.

And on Wednesdays I don't even get to sleep in because it's another 830am to 530pm school day for me with easier modules but are just as long a day as Tuesday. 

I work from Thursdays to Sundays, back-to-back, which means goodbye weekends (or rather, what weekend?) because after work I'm literally drop-dead tired but I still have to meet people, have reunion dinners (for the past few weeks) and then do whatever readings I can possibly cram into my head. 

And every night after reaching home way after the sun sets, I still have to make sure my fur kids have food to eat and let Snowball out of the cage to exercise because I can't let him do so during the day without anyone around to supervise him. What if he bites the wires and chewed my whole house down? 

The only free day I have is Monday but that's the day I have to wash the fur kids cages thoroughly and to do my readings - if I haven't managed to do so over the week. (I usually don't because I'm too tired during the whole week to be able to still mug after my full day out.) Monday, my only off day, isn't even an off day.

I push myself hard, like really hard. Everyone knows that. My whole university life, I've been working more than I should, even with heavy project loads and assignments due the next freaking day. But this semester, I'm taking working hard to a whole new level and I only pray that I can remain sane till I graduate this May.

On a happier note…..

Here's what I've been up to whenever I'm free.

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