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Friday, May 14, 2010

God really exists

Did you know, that God, really exists? I knew this all along, but it just struck me hard once again and renewed my faith in Him because of what happened today.

As my girls know, I was really upset today cuz my LG phone died on me and even though I kept on praying to God to allow my phone to miraculously come alive again, but obviously my phone didn't. But little did I know, God did answer my prayers, just in a way I didn't expect Him to.

Went with dad after school to see if my phone was worth repairing and true enough, what HY said was true, LG repairs are mad costly and so not worth it. So dad and I got a new phone for me on. the. spot.

God did answer my prayers! So despite losing all my texts, my contacts were still intact, my old memory card can be used in my new phone, and ultimately, I got a new phone!

Tell me how can all these be possible without Him! I know this is a really shallow example of how God really listens to my prayers but it's the most recent and relevant example for now at least.

Thank you God :) Love you!

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