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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Y'know, my heart, it's mine. It'll never be yours.

Hello hello, I'm back to post! (^^)
I like keeping my blog up to date even though, seriously, there's nothing much to update, like life's boring, school > boyfriend's > home.
Though honestly, I don't mind being at boyfriend's. 'cuz even though we always quarrel, he's great company! !
Anywaaaaaay, the March holidays are cominggggggggg! {:

*whoops and cheers to the max*

Isn't it just great that the government allows holidays?
Yeah man!
But besides the fact that I can wake up later and not face some *'s faces, I have that stupid lan cheow Project Management, 8 to 5 sia, machiam like working day like that, just minus the air con and moolah.
You tell me why should I learn how to manage my project? ._.
2 days some more okeh, can go bang wall liao.
Waste time siaaaa'sxzxzxzx!
Grrrrrrrrrr D:

Oh oh, 2.4km test run today and I left 6 seconds to get A, SIAN to the core maan.
6 seconds nia, run a little bit faster at the start/end can liao lorrrrh, why I so loussssy :{
But nevermind, not actual, actual think I chiong like mad dog liao, I want my A!
It's the only part of all the items in PFT that I confirm can get A can.
And I seriously want to mantain my gold standard, but I think it's going to be really hard lorh D:

Arghhhhhhhh! !@#$%^&*()

But thinking of tomorrow makes me reaaaaaaaally happy yo.
Econs lecture!
*winks to Heng&Huat*
And I dismiss at 1pm, that's like fxcking early, you hear?
This makes me happy, hahahahaha {:
Okeh laaa, I've got to go and study liaaaaao, like APGP test on Friday, fxck sia. _l_
I think confirm fail liao, zzzzzzzzzz (z.z)

And and I hate *, he sucks la plzzzzzzz, those in my H1 class will understand what I mean.

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