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Monday, March 9, 2009

Best of both worlds.

I seriously feel very satisfied with myself right now, I've finally finished that goddamn MRP in 5 bloody hours _l_.
Despite taking so long, I've finished it and it makes me HAPPY {:
Procrastinated doing it for like a few weeks and finally, it's completed.
I daren't say it's a master piece, but at least, I know I've put in much more effort into researching for information and yadda yadda then I did for my PI which was a slip-shot piece of work, seriously. /:
But in any case, I finished it in less than a day, amazing, don't you think?
Be proud of YIQING! :D
Haha, and yay for today!
We didn't have to run or do any PE 'cuz it was raining, thank God! [:
But I was really really tempted to just leave school and go home after our econs tutorial, like GP only waste time nia, maths never learn anything at all and PE also never do anything.
The weather was damn good to sleep also la, like freakin' cooling.
But damn that hole in my shoe, caused me to walk like a bai kah cuz I was trying to avoid stepping into puddles and getting my socks wet.
But it didn't work, duh, and my socks still got wet despite my efforts, tmd.

Okeh, so I'm gonna be a good girl and do my Maths/Chem/History homework.
Damn, I've got a History test tomorrow, fxck sia.


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