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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sian 0.5

Music: Craig David - Insomnia

Haha, I never knew this could hit me on the night before school but . . . hello insomnia.

Amazing how I stayed up 'til 3 just to finish up a storybook and it led me to actually staying up for the rest of the night.

It's 5.30 am right now and I've got school at 8.30, how kool siol'sxzxzxz :)

How the hell can I survive with just 2 bloody hours of sleep before my dear alarm clock is gonna ringgggggg and wake me up for 6 hours of school, where I've only got like 3 lessons and a 2 hour break in between, how nicccccccccccce, just tell me how.

On a brighter note, am gonna catch Slumdog with Heng&Huat in a few hours time, funny, since both Desmond and I have got the disc already, this is such a waste of moolah man.

Walao, tell me what to do right now when every one's asleep and I'm awake with nothing to do. You just tell me hoooooooooow.

Sibeh sian siol _|_

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