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Saturday, February 28, 2009


"It's been so long, that I haven't seen your face..."

Okeh, so week 2 of studying is done and it's the weekend once again, y'know, I seriously think that I'm going broke thanks to the "diet" that both Heng&Huat are keeping me on.

I just went to Pasta Mania yesterday out of impulse and buang-ed like 10 bucks there, movie on Wednesday, Mac&Mos on Monday.

Ahaha, tell me how come my money keeps disappearing faster than it enters into my pocket?

But I had Pizza Hut last night, courtesy to the mahjong addicts at Desmond's house yesterday.

Gaaaaaaawd, I've been sleeping like a pig recently, just last night, I slept in Desmond's bed and collapsed into mine as soon as I reached home.

Oh oh, did I mention that I'm eating Crystal Jade today for lunch, shiok not?

Damn, it's a wonder I'm not getting fatter but actually losing even more weight D:

I need to start running soon! Was supposed to run last night but was too sleepy :( Later I really become fat than GG already :O

HEEHEE, FU LA WAH. (Right ah huat? :D)

Oh oh, I wanna meet up with Audrey, Pearleen, Dawn, Joelle and Elaine soon okeh, it's been so long, that I haven't seen your face!


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