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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello people, this is a collection of what a typical school day with my class 0934 looks like in school. HAHAHA :3

I brought my camera to school on Monday and it resulted in the taking of many many photos, like duh, who doesn't like their pictures taken? 8-)

Say hello to ah Heng and ah Huat, my 2 best buddies in school.

Was having GP class and boy was I feeling restless after one whole night of no sleep at all, haha.

Up 'til now I still think it's amazing how I could stay awake for the whole day full of lessons and even during a movie after school. I only slept around 12am lorh, which means I stayed awake for like more than 36 hours, cool not.

Haha, so after GP, we had like a 2 hours break (waste time right!) and we went to Macs, with Sheng Rong (CI), Olivia(Jaja), Yi Ling, Ming Ting(Taytay), Grace(Chewyyyy) and Aishah.
Say hello to my classmates!

Hello fanfan!

Hello Aishah, Olivia and Yi Ling!

Hello rara!

Hello again Olivia!

Hello CI!

Hello Cheng Cheng!

Hello (act-cute) fanfan again!

Hello rara-who-is-missing-LHQ's phone!

And hello once again rara!

I was studying half way but they interrupted me and I just didn't have the mood to study anymore so in the end, more photos, hahaha.

This is the imitation of this emoticon -_-.


Anyway, ah Huat got act cute photo, so ah Heng and ah Ong also must have. HEEHEE.

So when we were heading back to school, we saw poor Ronald sitting outside all alone so we went to take photos with him too!

On the way back, we starting playing the "ang qia pai, kok tao" game. Damn, my head got knocked seriously many times la.

Am seriously lazy to continue typing so the pictures shall just do the talking.

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