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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We are the best, among the rest.

Project Sentosa was a success, we brought the roof down yo.

Pictures, pictures! (Not in chronological order though)

Rachel, Ming Ting.

Grace, Jamie, Tse Lin, Yi Qing, Ming Ting, Rachel.

Ming Ting, Yi Qing.

Ming Ting, Grace.

Rachel, Jamie, Grace.

Zhao Zhi, Yi Qing.

An Qi, Yi Qing.

Stephanie, Yi Qing.

Left row from the front: Rachel, Aishah, Dawn, Yi Ling, Olivia, LK.
Right row from the front: Grace, Tse Lin, Jamie, Ming Ting, Yi Qing, Tai Soon, Sheng Rong.

1st row from the left: Aishah, Dawn, LK, Yi LIng, Olivia, Jia Ning.
2nd row from the left: Jamie, Rachel, Tse Lin, Grace, Ming Ting, Yi Qing.
3rd row from the left: Sheng Rong, Tai Soon.

0934, minus Stanley.

Tai Soon.

Hui Yan, Hui Pin.

Ming Ting, Tse Lin, Yi Qing.

Jia Ning, LK, Hui Pin.

Jamie, Grace.

Ming Ting, Yi Qing.


Tai Soon, Yi Qing.

0934, minus Stanley (again).

Orientation Tee (white)

Tse Lin, Rachel.
Tse Lin, Yi Qing, Rachel.
Tai Soon.
Rachel, Yi Qing.
Grace, Tse Lin, Jamie.

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