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Monday, February 9, 2009

Tonight will be the night, we remember!

Music: HSM3 - A night to remember.

First day of NY Orientation is over yo, and I'm damn tired!

0934, Melman group 9, meet my zi high girls man.

It's super great that my class/OG has only like 17 people, it makes it much easier to bond, I can't wait for tomorrow to come, Sentosa trip!

But gaaaawd, my voice is dying on me and my leg muscles are screaming D:

Anyway, I love the fact that we're having Mass Dance, and the song is A Night To Remember from . . .

You've guessed it, HSM3! :D:D:D:D

Hahaha, the whole day, we(my groupies and I) zi high la, sing, cheer, dance, laugh, omg, I can't imagine what the next two years will be like, definitely a lot of fun.

Yay, my school's orientation programme rocks everyone's socks plz, okeh fine, I just love my school. (L)!

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

I didn't bring my camera today so no photos of my new friends, but tomorrow!

I'll cam whore with all of them kay, let you all see their pretty faces, and my ugly one :O

Anywaaaaay, tomorrow Ming Sze better bring our honey lemon if not my voice will surely die and then I cannot zi high anymore :( That's not very good kay.

Haha, kay la, I'm so hungry right now that I can eat a whole bear man, roar! :S

Yay, meeting baby Mahkin tomorrow for dinner, miss him already la D:

Okai, am gonna go back to being a book worm and watch my Disney Channel! Yes, I'm still a kid (at heart)! :)

P/S: Am gonna meet my lovelies for breakfast tomorrow! (L)

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