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Friday, February 13, 2009

Melman 9 yo.

No photos but a short update will do, for now.

Been hanging out with 0934 for 5 whole days and indeed, it's proving to be the best way to spend time in so many ways.

Guess it's a good thing that I'm not so sticky with Desmond any more, it isn't healthy to only see your boyfriend day in and day out after all :S

Anyway, Thursday was the end of Orientation, Disco night baby, we went crazy and my girl, Grace won the dancing queen award yo, cool not.

Went for the 93.8 talk show with my class today, skipped the first talk in favour of breakfast at Serangoon Macs with Tai Soon and Rachel.

Second talk bored us all to tears, one guy literally slept and got scolded, LOL.

Went for the timetable briefing and skipped the GC talk, hahaha, movie@AMK hub with the 2 pontang-ers and then down to Hougang with Rachel, her to her boy's place, me to Hougang Mall.

Yay, I got my hug from Desmond and it made me happy! :):):)

Okeh, enough, am lazy to continue but tomorrow's V day people, have fun with your lovers/friends! (I will be meeting my baby dearest! :D:D:D)

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