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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Music: Chris Brown - Superhuman

Finished Twilight and now I'm reading New moon, omgomg, I (L) Stephanie Meyer though I heard that the second book ain't that nice as the 1st, or 3rd or 4th for that matter I guess.

Anyway, I went to the same restaurant as I have for over the past decade to celebrate my grandma's birthday.

What can I say, typical dishes.

That soup, that fish, that noodles, that crab . . .

What more need I tell you?

So anyway, I was busy reading New Moon, my cousins and sister were reading too, brother playing Mahkin's PSP (he so kindly lent it to me, or rather, my brother).

Went back to grandparents' to cut the cake and my aunt came over with a booklet.

She asked if I was looking for Valentines' present and if I were, I could consider this . . .

Couple waterbottles! So cute right! :3
I think the one on the right is soooooooooo sweet.

I definitely would have gotten it for me and Mahkin if I didn't already know that he would not use it.

He has all these ideas of how a macho guy should act, no pink, no cute handphone straps, it drives me nuts some time. Or should I say, most of the time?

Can't he just see that it's okay for guys to be cute once in a while? D:
Oh well, anyway, he's staying over with me tonight! Yes!

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