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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Omg, I haven't gone to so many different places in a long time, like seriously.


Machiam like running around Serangoon, Seng Kang and Hougang, I predict that I'll be doing a lot of this soon.

Anywaaaay, got my school uniform today with Ming Ting then went to Compass after school to alter our skirts. Or at least that was the reason why we went to CP.

Omg, I hate the service at Metro.

Firstly, we reached there around 2.20 so the seamstress was on her lunch break so she wasn't around, never mind.

Then, when we came back at 3, she was 5 minutes late, never mind.

When we told her the length we wanted, she was like "Huh, cannot la, like that too short already."

Hello? We're in JC much. Not in a primary/secondary school, duh.

And she said that the split sort of thing will be gone totally then cannot make back, omg, is she shallow or what?

After that I said I wanted to make it more pencil skirt-ish and she say cannot 'cuz the pocket will be gone.

Like waddafxck, seriously?

She charges like 5 bucks per skirt and that's expensive already, and I have to listen to how unprofessional she is. This cannot, that cannot. She can just stuff her needles up her arse.

So Ming Ting and I just left and decided to go to the tailor near school to alter instead and spent 20 freaking minutes waiting for the stupid 161 to come, and it didn't so we took 159 instead and walked to the shop.

Guess what, she charges like 4 bucks per skirt and she can do all the alterations we want. Without complaints some more.

Tell me, why in Sam's hill should I go back to Metro when they offer such lousy services, talk so much crap and is so much more unprofessional? I must be mental.

We left our skirts there, Ming Ting went home and I went back to XMS to find Audrey, had lunch cum dinner at the coffee shop and walked back to lock up the SRR.

Omg, I miss the ban mian so much :>

Walked to the bus stop outside Bowen to wait for Zi En to come before I left them.

Was supposed to go home straight but made a detour to Desmond's, sorted things out with him, at least he understands how I feel now, I think /:

He sent me home! First time this week.

Since I've started school, I've got not enough time to . . .

(i) Sleep
(ii) Read my books
(iii) Eat good food
(iv) Go out on dates
(v) Meet Desmond

Seriously, I've hardly been spending much time with him, I meet him like on alternate days, most likely meeting him only on Friday evening, and maybe not meeting him at all on Saturday.

He doesn't even have concession any more and so he can't meet me outside my school D:

Hate it, wish he can hurry go back to school or something.

Oh well oh well, good night. Am gonna go and read my books or something.

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