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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love, let's get the party started.

Well, here are the photos, as previously promised.


Is actually an A3 sized card, heart's the cover while inside I wrote a silly message on the left side which I didn't take a picture of and right's a typical happy birthday.


Is actually a box containing 900 straw hearts, each and every one folded with the love I have for Desmond in mind.


Is actually a letter that I poured all my birthday wishes and as such on.


Is a board, filled with pictures, and where we took them, all the usual.

And here are the ones you've never seen.

(e) 19 hearts for the birthday boy.

(f) Stack of letters I've written over the course of half a year.

(g) Subway cookies.

Double chocolate chip of course. And since baby didn't want a cake, I got these as a substitute for them.

Smelt super delicious when I got them last night with Audrey, had to fight the temptation to just grab them and finish all on my own :(

School was okay today, gave PE a miss, didn't want to wait for like 3 hours just to have a PE lesson, wonder if Ming Ting and Steph went.

I know Serene also skipped it :D
Home to bathe and gather the presents before dad gave me a lift to baby's house.

Walked up and sent him a message while I held the board and smiled as he opened the door.

Baby looks real cute when he just wakes up, super ah gong.

He's mum and uncle were in and they were super surprised to see the gifts that I prepared for him, his uncle even asked me to hang the board on the wall! Haha :3

He spent quite some time reading though all the little notes that came with the gifts, half the letters and all the words on the board.

He admitted that he was surprised with what I did. Of course :)

After he finally got up to brush his teeth and wash up, he suddenly decided to go watch a movie, my random baby.

Vivo for bride wars, think it's just an average movie.

And he got me a couple watch!

Though it's super huge on my wrist, well duh, my wrist is like super tiny, I think it's nice.

He didn't want to get any of the bling bling type with shiny studs but fine, I understand that it's gay for a guy. Oh well.

And he was sweet enough to get a Digital one, since I can't read analogue ones. Damn, the prettier ones with bling are all analogue, I should learn how to read one, seriously.
Subway for dinner and bus service 80 all the way home.

Now he's gonna go find his 2 buddies at Hg Plaza, :)

Hey , Happy 19th!
I hope that this day spent with you, will be one of those days where you'll keep dearly in your heart, always remembered, never forgotten.
Just then, when I snuggled beside you in the bus as I looked at the night scenery pass by, I suddenly wondered what would life seem without you.
Bleak, lonely, colourless, nothing happy.
Since the day you came into my life, everything has changed.
I've adjusted to live with you in my life, as a best friend, a lover, a soul mate.
Never one day passed us by without me thanking God for allowing such a gift to come into my life, I must have done something really right along life's journey.
As I turned and looked at you, I suddenly saw you for who you were, and all the reasons that caused me to fall bit by bit head over heels for you surfaced.
Your smile, your touch, your kiss, your hug, the way you never fail to be the one standing by me throughout, the way you always know the right things to say even though you were the one who made me cry...
Everyday with you in it, is a blessing I'll never take for granted again.
I'll never know why the many others in your life ever let you go, perhaps it just wasn't meant to be for any one of them to be with you.
But I'm sure that this time, I've got it right, you're the one for me.
The only one for me.
Baby, I you.

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