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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Screwed mothafxcker.

Been real busy running aroung Serangoon and Hougang area lately.

School's quite alright I guess, tiring, I hate getting up at 7am everyday, even though I usually laze around 'til 7.30 but it's still a far cry from the 2pm I'm used to waking up during the holidays :(

Been reading lately in what spare time I have, finished 6 books in the past week yo, despite my busy schedule and all that.

Cool right, suddenly I realise that I always have a book in my bag and I read whenever I'm in the bus or just sitting around doing nothing.

I feel like a book bug but I think I don't look like one. Or do I? Tell me.

Haha, but it feels great knowing that at least I have some time away from studies to spend on my reading.

My current craze is Twilight.

I've got the first 3 books with me, all borrowed from my cousins and the last one will be coming today!

I know I'm like lagging behind for a few months but I didn't have the time to read up when they were all the craze and I didn't know any one to borrow them from 'til last week.

I was busy finishing up my library borrowed books to indulge myself and now that I have the time, I'm half way through the first book, staying up 'til 3 plus AM to read. Haha :3

Oh and I hate the tailor shop outside XMS, near the 7-Eleven?

Omgomgomg, Ming Ting knows what I'm talking about.

They kept the skirts for 2 whole days without doing any alterations to them at all, and when we went to collect them yesterday, the tailor had the cheek to tell us that he couldn't do anything 'cuz

(a) If he alter that short, the pockets will be affected.

Duh, I already know, I told the lady in the shop that he can just fold the bottom part and sew it right, so it won't be seen -.-

(b) No openings.

Omg, I can't believe it, can't he just make a smaller opening?

He's like the stupidest person ever, although the Metro idiot came quite close.

He even had the balls to charge us 2 bucks extra per skirt to make the opening, I almost exclaimed "Fxck you!" out loud plz.

Like he made us wait 2 days, didn't do anything at all, is totally unprofessional and still wants us to pay 4 bucks each extra?

Omg, I wish I could just have slapped him there and then if I didn't already know he would call the police if I did so.

So whatever, in the end, his wife just spoke to him in tamil not to charge us extra, and I have to go back today to collect them.

Plz, waste my time, effort and money.

If I had bus concession right now, I won't be grumbling about the money part but damn, I have to take 2 buses down to XMS just to collect the skirts, like fxck, it'll be my 3rd time going there in 4 days, not because I have school some more.

Argggggggggggggggh, so pissed off recalling yesterday.

But anyway I went to meet Mahkin after that, took a bus to Hougang Mall and got my ear cleared up.

Didn't hurt as much as the previous 3 times I went before I had my ear hole closed up but it hurt, nonetheless.

Walked to his house and I slept, as usual, for 2 hours straight, damn, school sucks the life out of me totally.

Like on Thursday? I slept 3 hours and despite his pokings and whackings, I barely stirred at all. I was dead to the world.

Gawd, and it's only the 1st week.

I'll have like to endure this for the next 2 years?

At least I stay near to my school, if not plus travelling time and all that shxt, I'll be dead man.

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