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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The best I've ever known, the one and only that I never wish to leave.
You've been like a ray of sun shine in my otherwise deary days.
Like morphine to a drug addict, I've been hooked on to you ever since the first day I set my eyes on you.
We've had our own shares of obstacles, maybe even more than the normal couple do, yet I know each setback brings us closer, makes us stronger.
I've had more than enough temper tantrums to last several life times, yet unlike any other, you've stuck by me by and by.
Remember spending days from start to end in your arms, snuggled cosily in bed some times until dusk, like naughty kids who shouldn't have wasted time lazing around.
Never a day passes by where I wonder to myself why, out of the billion girls out there, you've set both your eyes, and heart, on me.
I'm not dashing, nor tremendously charismatic.
Then why, oh why, did you accept me, especially my flaws, even though it wasn't true love at first sight?
Moments when I look at you, and suddenly, it's like I'm seeing you for the first time, and the rest of the world just ebbs away, leaving just the both of us, are the times when I find myself falling head over heels in love with you, all over again.
You've been the best, the one I know I can never bear to leave.
Baby, Happy Valentines' Day.

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