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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the air.

Music: Craig David - Insomnia.

Valentine's this year was a relatively simple event, yet one of the most memorable days I have with baby Mahkin.

Why you may ask, 'cuz it's the first time he ever planned a whole day without me interfering much in the events.

So anyway, I was supposed to meet Rachel to go to support Taisoon in his rugby match but the both of us overslept and as such, I got to meet baby earlier.

Called him at 9 plus and he was going out already.


(He usually doesn't get up 'til like past 1pm, earliest!)

Met him at his house at 12 and he got a bouquet of flowers for me despite me asking him not to :(

I seriously think flowers are a waste of moolah D:

But really, thank you baby! I gave him such a hard time for his thoughtfulness! /:

It's the first time in 2 months that we got to take a bus to Hougang Mall 'cuz usually we walk due to him not have bus concession so it was a real treat not to be in the suffocating heat even though it was just for one bus stop :3

He even volunteered to return my book for me and all I had to do was wait at the station for him, so sweet right! So unlike him too O:

Oh, we went to Vivo and caught Benjamin Buttons, did I mention that he woke up at 9 just to go all the way to Vivo to get tickets 'cuz he knew that by the time we reached, most shows will be fully booked, not to mention the killer queue.

I think he must have done something terribly wrong for him to be so sweet! (haha, kidding! B-) )

But it's a one year once thing I guess, yet I enjoyed it nonetheless!

For dinner I had a craving for ban mian, yes, me and my silly cravings and even though he was inclined towards Subway, he gave in and we went to get my craving satisfied! Yes, it's good being a girl some times :D

So yippie, he came over to stay again! Like every Saturday, (L) man.

And now, baby mahkin's staying over once again!

(L) how he's not schooling so he gets to be able to stay over whenever I can!

Oh oh, and I like the time I get to report to school, so much more tolerable. Though I really hate the number and duration of breaks in between lessons. So waste time!

Like one hour lesson then can have 2 hour break la, >:(

Nonetheless, I'll try to study during the break.

Am gonna go snuggle with baby mahkin already, (L).

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