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Friday, January 30, 2009

Silver thorns of the blood red rose.

Movies with Mahkin on Wednesday at Vivo, I wanted to watch Love Matters and while we were in the queue, he decided to watch Ink Heart as well.

I know the show has been out for quite some time but we just never got around to watching it.

We had LJS for lunch/dinner and that really reminded me of the first time I met him.

26th July was the day, I met him on the train towards Vivo, and we caught the movie, Prom night, seriously, what's with me and watching movie on first dates? Haha :B

Anyway, I didn't have my dinner yet that night as I skipped my grandpa's birthday celebration just to be able to meet him at a decent time, 'cuz if I didn't, I would have met him at like 11pm or something.

(Desmond, you better be honoured that I did kay, even though it's so long ago :S)

So I had LJS for dinner that night too, haha, anyway, it's just memories, whatever.

We still had a bit of time left after walking around so we headed to the sky park for a while but there wasn't any nice place to sit on as it had just stopped raining.

Anyway, I want to go on a cruise with Mahkin one day!

I think it'll be really fun, like maybe on our 1/2 anniversary (if we last that long :X) or something, just a random thought 'cuz I saw the ships there!

The ship on the left was spewing tonnes of dark grey air out of it's funnels, and I didn't want to capture it, so ugly.

Tsk, air pollution much?

So anyway, I thought Love Matters wasn't all that funny after all, but I think guys should really watch this.

Not 'cuz it shows guys how to cheat on their girl friends/wives but more of the consequences of doing so.

Ink Heart was nice, haha, most people have already watched it so I won't bother commenting.

Shows ended around 9 plus so we went to Giant to grab some food and bus-ed down to my house, Mahkin decided to stay over again!

Keekee, I love it when Mahkin stays over, I get to fall asleep with his arm around me and my head buried in his chest and wake up to see his blur face in the morning.

Who ever said there wasn't Heaven on Earth?

This may not seem like anything fantastic or awesome to most others but just because Desmond is my loved one, such simple things can really make my day.

Yet... It's real great to have him sleep over, but it totally ruins my plans to get things done!!! :(

Haha, I've got so much to do, yet so little time to finish them.

School's starting on Monday some more, omg, God, help me!!!

Peesh, I hate spring onion >:(

(Heehee, Mahkin knows who I'm talking about! :}

No matter how bad things may always seem, or how unhappy you've made me, I know that you'll always make it all seem better.
Be it one simple hug, or an even simpler peck on the forehead, you're always the one that turns my frown upside down.
You've wiped away tears, chased away temper tantrums, what else is there that you can't help me do?
No matter what happens I'll always you.

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