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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY@Desmond's and grandparents'

Chinese New Year is in the air baby, 12 more days to collect red packets, I'm excited.

Just tell me, who isn't excited?

Anyway, mum climbed up to my room at 8 to wake me up, even though I did set the alarm clock but obviously, didn't manage to wake up.

Tell me, how is it possible to wake up at like 8 when I usually wake up at 11.30? Earliest?

So after mum left the room, all I did was turn over and go back to sleep. :S

I slept 'til 9 when my brother came up and banged at the door asking me to get up. I rubbed my eyes, took a long time to get to the bathroom and got bathed, changed and everything else before making my 'grand' entrance downstairs.

Hey, I was the only one dressed and ready to go when I reached level 1 okeh.

Reached my paternal grandparents' and after the usual greetings, I proceeded to the mahjong table. Haha :) Had the craving to play mahjong but no one to play with me.

Brother wanted to learn so I attempted to teach him, after a while. dad came to teach too.

And after my closest cousins came, their father, my brother and I played a round, we had to leave immediately after that though D:

Went to my uncle's place after that 'cuz my maternal grandma was staying with them for the time being.

My goodness, it's been absolutely years since I last went to their house.

I still remember how when I was young I used to love going over 'cuz my uncle always has a huge collection of PS/PC games and he'll always let me and my brother play 'til our hearts' content.

I don't know why we stopped visiting them though, think I grew out of games or something, funny how time flies.

But anyway, they moved to a condo sort of flat and it's really big and spacious.

Gawd, my primary 6 cousin has her own laptop, just tell me how unfair that is. I don't eve have my own and I'm 5 years older than her >:(

Played the piano, and read a book, uncle came back around 10 minutes later and my brother and sister got him to let them play the PS.
Damn dumb, they were playing some Tom and Jerry game, the purpose is just to whack each other 'til the other party's life is gone.
Imagine a 21 year old and a 16 year old playing that, super cute right. Machiam like no childhood like that.

After sitting for a while, we went home then I left around 6 for Desmond's.
Haha, was so happy to see my baby Mahkin, I missed him for the whole day you know!

He went down to the bus stop to pick me up and then we stood outside his house for like 10 minutes.

I was super afraid to go in, I mean there was like 15 people inside already and besides his brothers, mum and uncle, I knew no one else. If you were me, won't you be scared too?

After going in, it was scary saying hi to everyone then wishing everyone a happy lunar new year, so scary okeh.

The whole place was like a gambling den after 8, adults playing mahjong, kids/adults playing blackjack at the table.
You can practically see the money changing hands faster than Paris Hilton changes clothes.

I made friends with 2 of his cousins though, haha, they thought I looked mature and was in Poly.

Amazing, it's the first time in more than a year that people think I look mature, usually they think I look at least 2 years younger than my actual age /:

Anyway, Desmond didn't pangseh me at all, more like I pangseh-ed him 'cuz I was with his 2 cousins in his brother's room playing cards and his da sao joined us after she reached.

He kept coming in and out but mostly didn't stay 'cuz the room was all girls except him.

Only guy siol, in the company of 4 girls ;B

But after a while, I went out and watched him play blackjack with his uncle/brother/cousins/girlfriend of cousins/boyfriend of cousins and whoever else was there playing.
Quite scary, seeing like the money fly here and there. Goodness, it's no wonder I hate gambling.
They stopped around 3 plus and then he went to play daidee with his da sao, brother and cousin, I sat on the sofa drinking with his uncle.

Lol, his uncle kept on maing me drinking my toasting me, and in the end, I had a headache thanks to alcohol consumption.

I haven't really drank in close to a year, no wonder my skills were a bit rusty /:
In the end, they stopped playing around 5 and I went into the room and instantly fell asleep. Haha, I'm weak, whatev :)
So that sums up my New Year, actually there's more to type but I don't wanna leave my baby mahkin alone.

Did I mention he's at my house now? :P

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