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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Music: The Veronicas - Untouched.

Hello, I'm here to update and I'm very happy with my current blog layout, took me a damn long time to edit the codes, been rusty after not touching them for more than 2 years?

Did almost a major change, but I still like the navigation type, so yeah.

Anyway, New Year photos..

Caught Yes Man at PS, with JunJie and Michelle, waited for Gerald's work to end then down to Marina for fireworks.

Got my wish, my first perfect fireworks display with the one I love, splendid.
Took a video, of the fireworks I mean. It looks better in real life but at least I have a momento to keep.
Desmond stayed over at my house that night too.

Kay la, am gonna go sleep or something, my back aches too much to sit straight anyway.

P/S: I can't wait to see girlfriend on Monday (:

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