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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's motor.

Yo, it's 5.10 am right now and I'm not asleep yet, I think it's amazing.

Been doing some.. ahem, stuff, for some occasion for some one, well whatever, I think it's pretty obvious but Desmond doesn't think so, so fine haha.

Reason why I'm not asleep is 'cuz I've been getting my hands "dirty" and he's been playing mahjong so neither of us is sleepy.

Fine with me, he's gonna bus down and fetch me at around 6 so it doesn't matter if I'm sleeping or not, it's only for another 45 minutes or so anyway.

So tell me, what should I do to keep myself entertainedddddddd?

He's mapling for his brother, what am I gonna do... Bleh.

Gah whatever, I wonder what cartoons are on right now...

P/S: I think Desmond's really sweet to come down so early just 'cuz I don't wanna sleep. (:

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