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Friday, January 2, 2009

Chalet, 6B.

Yay, finally I'm here to update!

First things first, I won't jump into any happy New Year and stuff 'cuz I've got to clear my 2008 debts first, which consist of about 300 photos or so, chalet and just plain cam whoring at Desmond's house.

Let's start with the chalet photos :)

Met Audrey at about 7 at Hougang Mall, dined at KFC and then walked to the bus stop to wait for 89.

Some how, we managed to miss 2 of them and walked back to hougang interchange and missed yet another 89.

So we waited and reached Pasir Ris around 9?

Walked around E! Hub and downtown east before getting Ken to come to the entrance of Downtown East (DTE) to pick us up.

I thought E! Hub was nothing fantastic, they didn't even have midnight movies (the latest one was like at 11.30 only?) and the Kbox there closed at 2am, hey, what's the point of building a mall near the chalet when the facilities there suck? Don't they know that people don't really sleep at chalets and will be looking for things to entertain themselves at like 3am?

They sure don't know how to get business, tsk tsk.

Audrey wanted to figure out how to get to the chalet by ourselves so we shooed Ken away and walked. It was so far inside and our room was like at a corner? So ulu kay.

People present in the chalet were Say Cheong (my 11 years friend!), Ken, Eric, Qing Chang, Rena and Anthia, but the girls were leaving at 9.30, which was the time we reached the chalet room, hahaha, so funny.

So when the guys went to send Rena and Anthia out, we camwhored.

When the guys came knocking on the door, we ignored them for a while (were still taking photos) then I went to latch the door before opening it. Then finally, went to unlatch and open it. KEEKEE.

More photos to remember this event :D

From the left:
Qing Chang, Say Cheong, Yi Qing and Audrey.

That's Ken with his wallet on his head and Eric.

Yay, and our magician for the night..


I haven't met up with my girlfriend since prom and I'm so glad we got to meet up and catch up! Heehee, she'll be asking me out to Buang Kok (I don't know how to spell la) for chocolate cookies! :)

Qing Chang's head is filled with white hair (Gawd, he's gonna kill me for typing this) and Say Cheong offered to help him pluck.

See. They so cute, machiam like papa orang utan helping son to pluck fleas from the son's fur. HAHAHA. :>

Yay, more photos of Audrey.

Indian poker style.

Oh, there weren't any Pokka green tea so I had to drink Tian Yu Di one, so suck, I still prefer Pokka, I've been a loyal Pokka fan for 10 years and counting!

Audrey's phone strap so cute right, monkey!
Here's Qing Chang again, been trying to get a perfect photo of him but he refuses, keeps on hiding away, saying that he's ugly.

Gawd, he has a girlfriend kay, how ugly can he be?
Ken and Eric again.

Always the two in the bed together.
Proof that Qing Chang keeps hiding away.

And Say Cheong, the only guy who is willing to cam whore with us girls. At least he bothers to smile and pose for the camera.

We got bored some where around 12 plus and I begged them to play something if not I'll fall asleep so we played cards.

Bluff and Indian poker.

Got bored half way, so we stopped playing and the guys started watching soccer.

Then Audrey and I decided to go outside to walk, the guys accompanied us and we walked from DTE to Whitesands and settled at the Mac there.

I was super sleepy by then.

Not sleepy enough to take photos though.
Oh, and we got the guys to have a "phototaking competition" and Ken won.
Here's his picture,

He has angle and as he kept saying "lighting, must wait for the correct lighting". Haha, joke.
The other ranking is either Eric/Say Cheong second and Qing Chang the last. You should see the way he takes photos, either face cut off half or totally too blur to see anything.

And you call that a photo?

Walked back to the chalet then after washing my hair, the guys played Bridge and I curled up under a blanket and pillow and slept 'til around 6 before waking up and went to DTE's Mac for breakfast.
Desmond picked me up and then we went back to the chalet to gather my stuff before heading to his house.
Slept 'til 5 plus before bathing and down to the hospital to visit his brother. Bike accident, don't ask.
His aunt sent me home afterwards.

There, done.

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