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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Music: Kanye West - Heartless.

I don't wear contacts, I just have naturally brown eyes.

Am back from my reunion dinner and may I wish Desmond a happy 6th month (friendship)!

I know, I know, it's only a friendship monthsary, but hey, ours is still young and fresh, so may as well be noob and wish each other every time a month passes us right.

It's these milestones that make it all worth while seeing how far we've progressed from the day we've first known each other 'til now, like half a year and this means I've been in love with him for approximately 5 months even though we're officially together for only 2.

Haha, I still love my baby mahkin no matter what! :}

Kay so we left home at around 6.30 to my paternal grandparent's for the annual reunion dinner.
Typical buch of people were there, but we arrived early so my siblings and I headed downstairs to the den to chill while awaiting the other relatives to arrive.

Brother was listening to the radio through his hand phone and occasionally asking me what the title of the song was while sister was reading her book.

Psst, I know my nails look like brown here but it's bright red, if you didn't already know.

Anyway, my favourite cousins arrived (the ones whose father is my dad's youngest brother and mother is my mum's youngest sister, cool not) and then after a while, my mum came to call us up for dinner.
Dinner was typical, again.

Like that same dish of veggies with abalone (like ew, I love the veggies but no way hoe say to the abalone. I know I don't know how to appreciate it but I puked the abalone out the first time I tried it years ago) and duck and chicken and all the soup and stuff.

Either way, it was just us, kids and my brother. Sadly, my 2 older cousins weren't here today. Both overseas, one is a Cambridge or Oxford scholar okay, damn cool but whatever, so I couldn't tease one of them for having botak head (army, duh) :(

All throughout dinner, my aunts and uncles kept coming over to congratulate me on my results.

Y'know, I sort of regret choosing NY. I mean hell, my results are good enough to get into VJC for crying out loud and I chose a JC that's just average, for JC standards I mean.

But it's over, just hope I'm not going to retain in JC1 like so many others who went to NY.

After that we decided to head to the 7-Eleven, a usual activity that happens whenever we go to my paternal grandparent's and I had a nice time talking to my brother.

Haha, I know I live with him and all but it's hardly ever that I get to really talk to my brother.

Can't really remember what we talked about actually, some heart to heart conversation indeed. (-_-)

But anyway, to get to the 7-Eleven, we had to cross this road and as I was walking in front of my cousins and my sister with my brother, I reached the road first.

There wasn't any car except the taxi that was prodding on real slowly so I decided to just cross the road since it wasn't any where near me.

Moreover, it would never bang me right, even if I'm in the wrong as I shouldn't be crossing the road, the driver still is in the ultimate wrong for not stopping. (:D)

My cousins were like shocked. They stared as I just walked, totally ignoring the taxi that was heading towards me.

Best thing was that at the other side of the road (I was standing at the divider) there was another taxi and I just crossed like my father owned the road.

They went like "wa wa, you not scared kana bang by car ah".

My reply to them was "My dad doesn't own this road, but his mother doesn't also."

Ultimate ownage :}

My cousin said I strutted across the road. Haha, that's dumb.

Goodness, I've really forgotten how expensive the things are sold at 7-Eleven. Or at any convenience shops for that matter.
Imagine a 500ml Pokka Green Tea costing $1.80 when I can get a 1.5l bottle for the exact same price.

Like for $1.80, I can get 3 times the volume at any other shops, stupid to pay such prices but my brother insisted on getting a Starbucks Mocca Frap so ya, fine.
Bought Chocolates at the mama shop opposite, like the things are so much cheaper there plz.
Headed back and just sat at the den reading.

All of us were reading, except Yi Wei, she was playing my cousin's PSP.

This really reminded me of last year's reunion dinner or was it 2 years ago?

Yeah, I think it's 2 years ago. I liked this guy and I still used to be best friends with this girl. Haha, fruity family I still remember. I was an Orange with her guy, while my guy and her were apples.

Long story, don't wish to remember :)

Brother went home with my cousin and then headed home with mum and sister.
I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm staying over at Desmond's! I know he'll neglect me and all 'cuz he'll be busy gambling but whatever, I'm happy when I'm by his side.
Haha, last year's lunar new year at Qing Hong's. I remember his aunt slipping her arm through mine and leading me around showing me off as her new girl friend.

Well, this year, it'll be his new girl friend's turn to be introduce, no hard feelings of course.

So I'm gonna get to bed and apply a fresh coat of nail polish to my finger nails, some of it has chipped off.

I think it's amazing how I can never manage to care for the polish that's on my nails.
I've applied this polish for like 2 days and I manage to ruin one nail in 30 minutes and chip a whole lot of others with 48 hours, this is the reason why I never go to mani and pedicures, not worth the money when I'll ruin it like a few hours later?

Oh, and now that I'm done posting, it's time to reply my mahkin whom I've neglected for the past 40 minutes and go up to sleep (after applying nail polish of course).

I've got to be up at around 8 tomorrow, only God knows how I'm going to be able to wake up.

Imagine waking up at 11.30 earliest for the past few weeks, and tomorrow I've got to get up a whole 3 and a half hours earlier.

Goddddddddddddddddd D:

No matter how much I like to dress up (sometimes), over sized shirts and FBTs are the only way to go.

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