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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The choice.

Music: Lady GaGa - Just dance.

Gathering with the 6B clique on the 23rd, it was great seeing most of them again. It's hard to imagine that we've maintained friends all throughout these years even though most of us have drifted, but it's still fantastic to get together once in a while and have fun.

Met Audrey at Hougang Mall and I felt terribly overdressed with my tights so I took them off and passed them to Desmond who was with JunJie at Hougang Mall at the same time.

Walked to the station at 5 only to realise that none of the others have reached yet so we walked through the underpass and to the interchange and bought bubble tea.

Green apple red tea! It's been absolutely ages since I last drank that :)

So finally, we met up with those we were supposed to meet at Hougang and took the train to City Hall. We'll be having steamboat at Beach Road.

Serene and Bernice were sitting at one table with Lin De, Clement and Jason (Yes, stone actually came, can you believe that?).

Audrey and I sat with the other 4 guys, they were the chefs for that night, we didn't have to do anything at all, they got food, cooked it and passed it over to us.

But I think they got off really easy 'cuz most of the time all we ate were hotdogs, cheap to keep eh.

But that night really made me miss buying hotdogs with Joelle at school from the Malay stall. We'll order like 10 hotdogs at one time and spam the chilli.

Gawddddddd, I miss hotdogs right now /:

There was a barbecue pit too, but I didn't eat anything from it.

It was quite funny 'cuz at first, we didn't know that there was a difference between the food that was supposed to be cooked in the steamboat and that that was supposed to be cooked on the grill.

Until Audrey and I went in search of butter, then we realized.

Before that, all the food that we took was for the steamboat, no wonder the meat kept sticking onto the grill. This and the fact that we didn't put any butter.

Half way through the dinner, some other girls came but they didn't stay for the steamboat, they went opposite to eat then came back before heading to Suntec to shop.

Ate 'til around 10 plus I think then went to Suntec to find the rest. Then took some photos, typical of most gatherings :}

Went back to Hougang and initially wanted to slack at the carpark but I had to catch the last bus home so I didn't stay and Desmond met me at Hougang before coming over to my house to stay.
All in all, I think it was a great gathering, more next time plz ("D)

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