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Friday, January 9, 2009

and now I'm feeling a little less than trusting

I used to listen to your lies, believing in every single fib that came out of your lips.
Oh, the wonderful tales you could spin with the words you whisper into my ears, the magic in the fabricated stories.
You beautiful liar, I was mesmerized with the world you presented me, where you were the perfect Prince Charming and I, the orphan girl you fell for and made a Princess.
I used to love how you'll stay up the whole night, just to make sure you wake me up the next morning.
I used to love how sweet the promises you made to me sounded.
I used to love you telling me that I'm yours and no other can ever have me again.
I used to love how you told me that for me, you'll change, for the better and that you'll be the perfect boyfriend.
I used to love how you said I'll be the last girl on your list.
Funny, all these seem to be the same fiction you told many other girls, and each and everyone fell for your trickery.
They, or should I say we, were attracted to your words like bees to honey, and as soon as we fell in love, you'll cast us aside like month-old sour milk, and search for another ignorant target.
I'm really glad that I was the one who decided it was time to pack up and leave, it's not worth being treated like a chase, I'm not one who plays the love game.
But thanks to you and your deceiving words, I've learnt that sweet talk, gets no where, and the people who knows how to catch your heart with what they say, are the ones whom I should be most wary of.
A bit late, but I've learnt and I'll watch and see just how long you can ride your wave, karma, no matter how much I may hate it to happen to me, will happen to you.
It'll catch up on you soon, and I want to be the first one to see you fall.
I wished the one before me would have warned me, that we're all playing the same script, but just different cast, but yet, I know that I wouldn't have believed her, I believed you had changed, and that you'll keep to your words, your promises.
I've been a fool, but I'm one no longer.
Enjoy it while you can, 'cuz I'll be in the front row seat when you crash and burn.

I know this is random, and a bit too late, let's say 10 months too late, but the anger of it all just suddenly came bubbling up.

I'm glad I'm off that wave, onto another with my Desmond, my baby.

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