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Friday, January 9, 2009

And it's brighter than sunshine.

Music: Miley Cyrus - Fly on the wall.


Woke Desmond up before I reached his house and had lunch there before heading down to Bishan. Didn't find and get what I went there for but anyway, we went to the library and borrowed books!

Haha, can't believe that Desmond actually got hooked on to a book written by one of my favourite authors, Danielle Steel.

He borrowed a book and even started reading it immediately!

Ok ok, he looks real fake reading here but he just opened his book and I wanted him to pose as proof.

I think it'l be damn cool if he starts reading, then maybe he'll improve his standard of English and we can converse in an all-English conversation for once! No Singlish or Hokkien in it. Hopefully.

-keeps fingers and toes crossed-

We'll just have to wait and see. Think I'm his first girl friend who ever asked him and manage to persuade him to read books. Bet his mum's gonna love me even more!

Anyway, took bus service 55 to some where near Hougang Swimming Complex and then walked all the way to Hougang Mall.

Y'know, I can't wait for Desmond to get his bus concession 'cuz I'm sick of walking here and there. Been so used to taking buses, even if it's only one stop, thanks to the concession. Argh.

Mini Toons haven't got any nice handphone straps, anyone know where to get nice ones? Audrey mentioned 77 Street but I haven't stopped by there for a look yet.

Printed some photos then walked back to his house. Gawd, think I'm going to burn some fats off.

Bathed, while he went down for a run then waited for him beside the canal. The wind was seriously strong and that kept the pesky mosquitos away.

Home by 11 and dad's back!

I'm so happy that finally I get to have lunch at home, and green tea too.

Haha, dad's the best, always knows what I like to eat (and drink) and he never fails to buy them for me! Even if he has to specially make a trip to NTUC for my green tea.

Yay. Love my daddy (:

Kay la, my "Hot shot", or better known as lan qiu huo is waiting for me.

Am thinking of making a trip down to Hougang point to get some stuff then down to lower to find Desmond, we'll see yeah.

Desmond Mah, no matter what happens to us, be it quarrels or obstacles that just threaten to tear us apart, never give up 'cuz I'll keep running back to you.

The winds of fate may blow me a million miles away from you, but I'll always find my way back, it's in your arms where I know I belong, where I know I'll never be alone.

It's you that I love, the only one that I need.

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