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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pointy hair little kid.

Music: Paramore - We are broken.

Alone at home right now, I'm waiting for dad to get back before I stay over at Desmond's house for the next few days, can't wait, seriously.

After that there's chalet, but I'm not even sure which days we're staying over, will have to ask Audrey about it.

I want a date out with t2c, haven't been meeting up with any of them, probably 'cuz of me, I never really kept up with their lives, though they tried to keep up with mine.

And and, we're finally going out today, on a date, the first one we'll be having since we've been together, hahaha, what a joke, but it doesn't matter. This makes today all the more special.

Am bored right now

But any way, thoughts of meeting B later cheers me up alright (:

Argh, haven't blogged about my China trip yet, but so sian, don't want to blog about it.

Where's my dad?! I want him to come back NOW! :(

Oh, and Meet the Robinsons is a great show.

Okay, dad will be coming back with lunch, omg, I'm going to stay over at B's house! Yes!

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