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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Music: Shontelle - T-shirt

Yay yay, here to revive my dying blog once again.

See the pictures up there? Desmond Mah so cute.

Everytime I go to his house, I know how to get him to wait for me at the bus stop, or in another scenario, make sure he's not there to fetch me up to his house.

Won't expose how, later he don't want to come down and fetch me any more, haheeho.

Haha kay, so I knew he'll be waiting for me at the bus stop and I got my camera ready. Soon as I alighted, I whipped it out and started aiming to take a photo of him.

He saw the camera and turned immediately, trying to avoid the lens, but I'm faster! Then he gave up and turned around, yay, got the second picture!

Psst, if you look closely, he's posing witha twist in the second picture, so cute.

Haha, that's my gorilla boy friend for you.

Kay la, have another picture of my fatty-who-insists-that-it's-all-muscles for you.

Dumb dumb playing PSP. Don't even care if I'm taking photos of him la, PSP more interesting.


Yesterday I played the "good girlfriend" role and controlled my temper. He seemed to realized that and he didn't praise me or anything but took advantage of me and my good temper!


So in the end I got my revenge by being really mean on the way back home, well fine, since being mean, to other people is the normal me, so I was just being normal.

Kakaka so whatever, am gonna go to Suntec today with baby dearest for some job interview, I wanna work at Toys'r'us :(

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