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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I want to break down right now now now.

Music: Akon - Right now.

Swear, I haven't cried so much about something not love-related since 2 years ago at least.

Red swollen eyes just isn't my thang.

What's the point of staying at home when home isn't a home any more? It's more of just a house.

Moreover, I stay at home and do nothing, I get scolded. I go out, get scolded.

Must why go out right, at least go out I can get like almost one whole day's worth of silence before I leave the house the next day.

Stay at home is equivalent to getting scolded the whole day and being bored. Why would I do something as silly as that.

But fxck, I've never felt closer to leaving home than today, than just now. Thank God for Desmond, he's coming over to find me.

Seriously, one day, I'll just pack and leave. My family's broken anyway.

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