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Thursday, December 25, 2008

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me.

Music: 12 days of Christmas.

Yay yay, Merry Xmas y'all!

Am gonna be blogging a few days worth of pictures and stuff so yeah, bear with me yo.

Firstly, this are the photos which I took the day I went to Vivo with my brother to mend a stall his school put up.

I think it was on the 21st?

Remember I said there were RP students singing and dancing? I got a photo of it.

They are those type of church people who get so hyper and all start dancing and singing like they're doing some Madonna act, but actually.. their moves are just cheesy.

But they're church people, they are excited about most things, so I can't blame them, they just like to embrace life and use a postive attitude to look at life I guess....

Haha, I'll never be one of them, no matter how much I love God.

And here's a photo of my brother playing Desmond's PSP, I think my brother actually looks not bad here.

What do you think?


On the 22nd, I went out with my t2c babes! Keekeekee, so happy yo.

Met Dawn outside J&Jas at 2 and only got our hair cut at 4.

We waited a 2 whole hours, but life's like that when you're cutting your hair there, don't know if it's worth it or not but have been getting my hair cut there since 2 years ago?

Quite used to their cutting, and this is the one place where I can get my hair cut as thinly as I want it to be.

Bus-ed to Hougang Mall afterwards then walked down to Lower 'cuz I wanted to surprise Desmond and to see if he could recognise me.

He wasn't there so we wanted to walk to Upper but halfway there, Desmond finally called me back and told me he was at SKCC.

Like #$%^;*() can!

The one day I want to surprise him, and actually walk all the way from Hougang Mall to Lower without taking a bus, he isn't there.

So angry >:(

Walked back to Hougang Mall and sat at the McDonald's to wait for Pearleen to come. She was supposed to be dismissed at 4.30 but was only dismissed at 5.30!

Waited for her 'til like 6 plus before she came.

Here's silly photos of what girls do when you give them a camera and nothing else to do.

So after P came, we decided to go to PS and initially wanted to have Sakae for dinner but it didn't offer the buffet, a la carte also very expensive so walked around the B1 and B2 of PS trying to find something to eat.

In the end, we settled with what P had a craving for, Long John Silver (LSJ), or as what Qing Hong used to call it (L)an (J)iao (S)ai, shit him kay.
Went up to Daiso 'cuz Dawn wanted to get something from there and Desmond Mah gave me a shock of my life.
What happened was that when we were about to go into the lift, Desmond told me he was reaching the MRT already. As he has this bad habit of telling me he is some where else when he hasn't even reached the place yet, I didn't believe him so asked him to be frank.
When we just got down the escalator to Daiso (we took the lift up to the 5th floor when Daiso was on the 4th), he told me he was actually only waiting for the bus to go to Hougang station.

And yet 10-15 minutes later, some one blew at my face.
And when I turned..
I saw..


Like waddafxck! I jumped luh, like how did he get here to fast? He should have taken at least 30-40 minutes if he was still at his house there.

Turns out he lied, _'_

Kakaka, don't care, I still love my Deskmenn Marh.

After Daiso, down to the store which used to be John Little and Dawn got some eyeshadow for her aunt's maid.

So cool yo, heard that maid damn trendy.

Wanted to take a photo outside that shop but don't know what we were doing.

Machiam look like me and Pearleen want to fight with Dawn la.

And when we managed to take a better photo, I look like I want to seduce some one. I look fugly with my new fringe, am waiting for it to grow longer before I do anything about it.

I had a strange craving to take a photo with a Christmas tree so we headed out of PS but the Christmas tree there had a stupid base, so we decided to take a photo with an arc instead.

Then we went in to this place where they were promoting the spirit of Christmas or something and were just hanging around.

Saw this muscle man standing at the entrance/exit of the place and we took a photo with him.

He's really friendly, yay, nice nigger! :)

Next up, Christmas Eve.

Went with my parents, Yiwei, Joseph and Desmond to Jess Eating House located at Ang Mo Kio for lunch.

My mother's friend opened that so we were there to give business.

Here's the bouquet of flowers my mum sent to them.

Notice the spelling error?

It is supposed to be Jess, but they spelled it as Jeff.


We all ordered Western and I had a nightmare trying to memorise all the different orders. Like 6 orders and side orders to remember kay.
Complimentary mushroom soup sent from the new lady boss!

The soup's tasty, but I don't like the taste of the bits of mushroom inside. Mum said the soup's salty but I thought it was just fine.

And the crust of the garlic bread was too hard for my liking.

Drinks were also given free, life's good when you know the boss.

They didn't have Pokka though, so I settled with Tian Yu Di, definitely not as nice as Pokka.

Don't know why Joelle and Desmond's brother like this so much.

We waited for like 20 minutes for the food to come.

So cute, they look like they are like those Hollywood couples that don't want the Media to know they are going out and when one of the reporters catches them, they try to cover their face and dodge the flashes.

Well, in this case, my parents are the real Media they're trying to hide their status from.

Food finally came and so did my Crispy Chicken with Mashed Potato and Onion Rings.

Rings weren't so fantastic, Potato was not really nice but I liked the sauce, Chicken, one word. Huge.


I think they shouldn't give so huge portions, will kuay ben one. Like all this for $5.80 lei. The Chicken still so big.

Didn't take a photo of mine but here's Desmond's.

Crispy Fish.

Kay, after that went home then to Robinsons with my mum and Desmond.

Home again and off to Desmond's house.

Ate, bathed, changed, off to PS.

Attempted to take photos with Desmond but he always give stupid face.

And when he finally did a normal smile, it was my turn to give stupid face.

Keekee, movie started at 9.30 and we reached PS at 9.25. I had a tummy ache so we even stopped at the loo, so we were late.

Caught "The Day the Earth Stood Still", quite okay I guess, not fantastic but ya.

Went out of PS to the 7-Eleven to buy alcohol, Heineken for Wan Xin and my brother, Tiger for Desmond and me.

Drank only one can and started to feel seh, so brother and Wan Xin stopped at Serangoon, Wx cabbed home, I went to Desmond's house to stay over.

Slept at 3 plus, woke up at 10.40.

Rushed home bathed then lunch at...

Food so-so, nothing amazing.

Gong Gong and Po Po, I think they very cute together lei.

Oh, and I saw this really trendy ah ma there, so cool I think.

I want my ah ma to be like this.

2 helpings of Mango Pudding for me, best food I've tasted there, sucka.

Never gonna come back again. Waste money only.

Kakaka, sorry for the abrupt blogging towards the end, rushing for time right now, gonna go back to Desmond's house and sleep, I've been lacking sleep lately.

Kay, ta ta.

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