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Thursday, November 13, 2008

You'll never understand me, will you.

S.H.E - An Jing Le.

First things first, a very happy belated 16th to Tan Qing Hong.
Known him for exactly one year and one day today, hahaha, it's not likely that he'll see this but if he does chance upon my blog, he'll know he's been remembered :)

(now now, Desmond, don't get jealous, I'll put an even bigger anouncement on my blog for your birthday :) )

Yay, I've been spending every single day with Desmond recently, hope it'll be able to last all the way 'til I fly to Cheenah world.
Despite some disagreements yesterday and the night before, I'm happy to say that everything's still fine, and after all, it's these disagreements that bring us closer, right? (hahaha, like real but whatever, we're still fine anyway.)
I'll be heading over to his house today again, he's not planning to go to the Simei ITE career thing and he'll be there to accompany me again, I should be sick of this liftstyle, but surprisingly, I'm not, yet.
Yes, yet.

Anyway, the 17th is coming soon and I wonder wat surprise he'll have for me.
I kept guessing it'll be the 17th when he'll finally ask for "my hand" (not in marriage but for a relationship) but he kept denying it!
And now, he says he'll have a surprise for me on the 17th at night 'cuz he has dance and will only be free at night.
And yet, he mentioned that he'll be giving me the surprise on the same day as he'll ask, so what does this mean!
Stupid gorilla refuses to let me know, so irritating I tell you.

I can't wait for Saturday, I'll be going shopping with Desmond, but well, he'll be the one shopping and I'll be the one hunting for my prom stuff.
Sunday will be out with Joelle and him too, I hope she brings KK :)
I can't believe that prom's next Wednesday, seems like just yesterday where I had more than a month to plan for it and now, I'm left with less than a week, so retarded, it's just like me to leave things to rush during the last minute.

Ok, I've done enough procrastinating and I'm really lazy to climb 3 stories just to get ready but argh, I've got to do it sooner or later.

P/S: I don't like your big fat ass.

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