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Monday, November 10, 2008

Lost in the rain of my own tears.

Music: Tata Young - I think of you.

"Is think of you, I think of you and it's gone. Like you chased away the storm, making it all okay. I think of you, I think of you and I'm strong. And I know I can go on. It's like you set me free, when life gets the best of me, I just think of you."

Am currently watching Curse of the Golden Flower again 'cuz I'm bored to the max.
It's after the O levels and I've no where to do and nothing to do, I think this is really funny.
I can't work as I'll be leaving Singapore on the 22nd, I have no one to ask out, mostly cuz I haven't been contacting them since forever and most others are working.
My one constant companion is having his practical now and only ends around 2 plus and he'll be coming to my house to company me for a while before heading to dance.
Today's going to be a sad sad day for me :(

Ahaha, what movie shall I watch next?

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