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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Me likey.

You reap what you sow, SILLY. (:

Well anyway, I'm so glad to say it's down to 4 more papers, well sort of.
Can't wait to be finally free from all the dumbness, I can see dates in the near future.
Spent the whole day with Desmond at his house with the television on.
Guess I'll be spending much of today doing the same thing again.
Doesn't really matter, I love spending time with him, even if it's slouching on the couch doing nothing in particular, I wanna be superwoman.

Neway, D told me something yesterday that aroused mixed feelings in me.
He said that he finally realized how much he loved me.

Well, the first feeling went something like "awwww, that's sweet".
Until the next second when it went "wait, WHAT?! Now then he realize? Wtfffffffffffffffff!"

Haha, funny.
But anyway, I think he's really cute, telling me random stuff out of the blue, think he's really sweet too, but hahaha, I'm going to punish him!
Now then realize it indeed, ah whatever.
Am going to prepare then leave after mum's Mee Siam.
(Yes, mum's going to make MS for me, jealous? :D)

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