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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love story

Switched on my brother's lappy to download a song for Elaine so I thought I'll come and update a bit (:
E maths paper 2 today and I thought it was easy.
Apparently, all that I asked thought the other, they said it was hard and this makes me worried.
I really wanna get double A1s and be the next legacy in Xinmin Secondary.
F9 to A1, but if everyone thought otherwise, this most likely means that I under-estimated this paper, which means shxt, seriously.
But oh well, Physics yesterday was easy too.
So I've left SS, Lit, Hmt and Phy/Chem MCQ.
POA tomorrow and I'm studying for it now, so sian.

Ok whatever, I've got nothing much to update anyway.

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