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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Love what you do.

Just finished an email to dad and well, I miss him!
It's just weird not receving an SMS from him asking whether I need transport back or whether I'm eating dinner at home, just plain weird not having him around.
I glanced through the email mum and dad have been sending each other and I noted a tinge of loneliness, well, I would be lonely too without Desmond around me, for 2 whole weeks some more.
I think I would have just banged my head on the wall and die :(
But on a second note, Sakae today! Desmond's eldest brother treated :)

Anyway, I'm really glad to have Desmond in my life!
Indeed, he has made me frustrated, angry, sad, felt betrayed, even felt like just picking up my stuff and leave, but I've never regretted the past 3 months I've spent with him.
I'll never exchange all these months worth of memories for anything in the world, not even for Zac Efron(hahaha, maybe I will).
It's like no matter what he does, I know one thing will never grow less, only more, his love for me.
Today, he made me realize that it's been 3 months since I first knew him, it's 3 months!
I know it's probably peanuts to relationships like Dawn's which is like what, 2 years already?
But you have to take into account that my longest relationship (with a loser) lasted for 4 months.
And if you haven't realized, I'm not even with Desmond yet, we're still in the "dating" process.
But I think it's really great that we didn't jump into a relationship when we first realized our feelings for one another for I bet we would have broken up by now when we first started quarrelling.
It's because we weren't together yet that made us realize how much we loved one another, and how fragile a relationship really is.
This made us realize that when we do decide to be with one another, we'll have to accept each other's flaws and all, not just be with one another out of impulse and just because we love one another.
This past 3 months allowed us to see the best, and worst, of one another and through this all, I'm glad to say that I still want to be with him, no matter what may happen next.
I believe that we can hold each other's hand through it all, and just be there, a pillar of support.

Which was pretty much what I wrote to my dad too.
I told him I really hoped that he and mummy would get to know Desmond more, 'cuz believe it or not, he's going to play a huge role in my life and it'll be better if they knew him more than just shove him aside and pretending that he doesn't exist.
I would love if he was being treated like part of the family, like Desmond's family is currently treating me, it'll be even better if he's allowed to family outings and gatherings, I want him to be there.
Through family weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, everything.
Sigh, so much to say, but no time.
Mummy's lappy's keyboard doesn't like me, and I have to call Desmond back, he was kind to allow me 5 additional minutes to type up what I'm bursting to, but I've already overrun by 2 minutes, cannot keep him waiting!

More next time, promise.

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