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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cheenah people are like so fxcked up, some,

Music: Jay Chou - An Jing.

Yes! Finally one hotel with internet and I can finally come online to blog :D Happy.

The weather, despite being told that it's 10-14 degrees usually, the wind causes me to freeze, literally.

Today, went mostly sightseeing, like to some rich man's private garden, to some place where Singapore invested in a industrial park I think and took a short cruise down some canal, it was freezing.

I was wearing my wawa shoes and it got wet, causing me to have like frozen toes for the whole day!

I missed baby Desmond all the while today, it's so hard to spend one day without him!

Moreover, usually, he'll hug me whenever I'm feeling cold, and now, I've been feeling cold for the whole day and there's no one to hug me >:(

And and, he'll piggy back me when I'm tired, no one to do that for me too!

But most of all, I miss him just being there, hear me baby? I miss you!

Ahhhhhhhh, 2nd day down, left 7 more days 'til I'm back, can't wait can't wait!

I want a big gorilla hug plz (:

Okay, I've got to go back to my room to make sure Yi Wei's okay, update more next time!

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