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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back when policemen used to wear short pants.

Music: Joey Moe - My last serenade.

I've successfully spent 4 days here in Cheenah world and am proud of it.

I've learnt to be more tolerant to the locals just because now I know they can't help being like that, they're used to it 'cuz their forefathers are like that too, so bo bian.

So yups, am happy that there's only 5 more days to spent here before I can go back into my big fat gorilla's arms, can't wait.

Anyway, today's the 25th once again, and it's the first month I can't send my usual monthly message to my baby :(

I haven't been meeting him every month on this day, but at least I've been sending messages to him, this month cannot, so unhappy luh.

But B, I'll make it up to you when I get back kay (: Happy 4th!

See, I remembered! I bet baby D forgot all about it. >:(

Know him for 4 whole months already, even longer than the period of time me and Qing Hong were today kay, even longer than me and Eugene!

Am so proud of it kay, like despite all the quarrels and arguments and everything else that's bad, we've pulled through and we're much stronger than before!

But I don't know if he has been tou qing-ing behind my back luh, I'll not be around for like 9 days and usually he doesn't come online at all, but 'cuz of me. I asked him to come online to read my blog, then I don't know if he got shun bian go talk to other girls! >:(

If he have I confirm go back bite him, dumb unfaithful gorilla!

Just wait 'til I come back, confirm (direct English translation) "give him nice see".

Ahhhhhhhhhhh 5 more fxcking days yo, then it'll be home sweet home for me.

Okay, got to go, love you baby Des (:

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