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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cheeeeeeeeeeeenah :(

Music: Simple Plan - Save you.

Heehee, I'm currently at the airport right now, awaiting the time to fly to Cheenah world, seriously dreading it, like seriously.

It'll be 9 days without my comfort food, sugar sugar, or my lovely favourite, Pokka Green tea, think I'm gonna die there.

And mostly 'cuz I won't be without my lover boy, mister Gorilla, heehee.

But I'll blog often, just so that he can read what I'm up to, and also, I composed like 9 letters, one for each day, so he should be entertained properly, even if it's a bit only.

Ahhhhhhhhh, standing up and blogging is so uncomfortable, sucks.

But the suckiest thing of all is that my handphone's so damn screwed, like people send message I cannot receive, sucks to have this phone.

But thank God when I get back I think I can get a new phone, I so want LG Viewty, the baby pink one! But why must it have such bad reviews :( Yet all phones have bad reviews now, no one phone is perfect anyway, we'll have to see.

Okay, I only have like 9 minutes left of free internet, I'm going blog hopping, update more when I reach, or something.

Btw, I miss baby Desmond!

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