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Friday, November 21, 2008

Love story.

Music: Rong Zu Er - Hui zhe chi bang de nv hai.

I'll remember those days, I'll never forget those night, where each and every time I falter, you were there, a vote of confidence.

Times have changed, and definitely, have the both of us matured, I hardly recognize you anymore.

I've reminisce those days where I spent pining upon his return, where I always thought we were meant to be, right there in each others arms.

It's going to be 3 years soon, old friend, where I spent 2 of those years waiting for your return, back into my life, where I wanted you to be, but you never turned back, not all the way.

Throughout my journey through my Secondary School life, you've played the biggest part in my love life, the one that I could never have.

I remember the first MSN conversation we had, the one where you said I was so fierce which was why you never dared to talk to me.

I remember the first testimonial you sent to me, where we had subsequent 1000 words sent to one another, neither of us wanting to back out, even if it involves a lot of pressing the "space" and "enter" button just to use up the words.

I remember the first day we went out, just the both of us, it was to Kovan where we walked around aimlessly, just wanting each others' company before I had to go home, you were meeting your friends.

I remember the telephone conversations, they were forbidden fruit, thus, all the more sweeter. I was doing something I shouldn't and I knew it. I just couldn't stop myself from ending it.

I remember her breaking up with you, and me trying so hard to patch the both of you up, at my expense of losing you, only to have you break up with her a few days later.

I remember the day you asked me for a chance to enter a relationship, you asked me to tell you when it was 2359, but my phone suddenly hung up by itself at 2358 and you were frantically trying to get me to call you back. And a few seconds after I gave you my answer, the clock stroked 12.

I remember Valentines' day where I received a rose from you, as my best friend cried beside me and I tried to lie to her to make her feel better.

I remember that same night at Ang Mo Kio where we exchanged presents and I got my first kiss from you, right there, at that playground, at that exact spot.

I remember breaking up with you, the tears of losing you, the disappointment when you never chased me, asking me back.

I remember the next few months, next few years, where there wasn't a day I didn't wish for your return, where I regretted breaking up, where I did not stand my ground and brave through the storms with you.

Our love story, so different from others, yet so alike.

We had stand to gain everything, yet we lost it all to a moment of impulse. My moment of impulse.

I'll never forget the guy whom I spent days and nights crying my life away, I'll never forget the memories where we both smiled happily, 'cuz we were in love.

I'll never forget, I'll always remember.

But whatever happened through those years, are memories, best left in the past.

This love story has ended, and every ending, is a new beginning.

I've found some one new, some one whom I've spent 4 months waiting for, and now that we've finally acknowledged what we've felt for one another, I know this is where I belong.

Music: Jay Chou - Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian

Our own love story, mine and Desmond's started one fateful day where despite being friends in both friendster and MSN, we've never actually shared a conversation before.

Yet one day, I decided I will go online for once, and he surprised me by talking to me.

Towards the end of the conversation, he gave me his number as he had to leave, asking me to message him if any thing's up. I never did.

A few days passed, and I went online again, he caught me and we both chatted again, this time, I gave him my number, it was the 24th of July. I fully expected him to message me that same day, he never did.

The next day, as I woke up from a nap, a message came in, I still remember the time, 16.01. And I'll forever remember what he messaged, I still have that SMS in my phone right now.

"Qing wher are eu" were his very first words, and I noticed something immediately, he doesn't use any punctuation. At all. None.

I remember Jun Leong's birthday celebration being cancelled and so I skipped my grandparent's birthday celebration and instead, met him on the train to Vivo City.

I remember thinking "Omg, this is it. What am I going to say?!" when he sat beside me, wearing a grey top, so was I. I think this is called fate, not coincidental.

That night, before we caught a movie, Prom night, I remember sitting outside at the second floor balcony talking to him about Alca as he played my boyfriend, his PSP. I remember being almost in tears as I recalled how Alca said this but did that.

How ironic, I'm blogging this 2 days after my own prom.

We spent the whole night outside, talking, dozing, and catching the first train back home.

That day, I never knew that he'd be the one, I just thought that he'll be a friend, a dear one that I'll keep but never fall for. How wrong was I.

I remember looking him up after swimming one night and it was the first time I went down to his house. The stroll into the canal there was scary, it was the first time we both walked side by side, talking about anything and everything. I asked myself that night, "what if I fell for him?"

I remember his constant company as we went down to Dong Xi Nan Bei to get my ear sorted out, how the lady thought he was my boyfriend and was super shocked to find out we were both friends. Ironic, we are now together, she predicts the future, I can tell.

I remember the first time he asked me to be his baby. I was shocked and showed the message to Joelle, thinking, "is this meant to be? Me and him? Baby(s)?"

I remember how some one asked him to send me home before going to find her, and how pissed off I was for the rest of the night, I actually sat in silence for more than 10 minutes, how unlike me. But I won, I won his heart and she didn't. She DIDN'T.

I remember watching Money Not Enough 2 with him and his friends, where it was the first time he ever saw me cry. Freaking out, he asked me not to, trying to cheer me up and wipe away my tears. Little did he know that I am prone to turning on the waterworks, he had no idea what will be happening in the next few months.

I remember missing the fireworks and blaming it all on him, lying on his shoulder and dozed off, where his friends thought that we were already together, but we weren't. We even held hands, but it was more of I was scared I would get lost and so he held on to me, and his friends imitated us, 'cuz I was holding on to his little finger, only.

I remember playing one of Maple's gay private servers with him, where you can level up to 200 in under 2 hours, I rarely play online games, yet this is one of them I really enjoyed, 'cuz it's GAY.

I remember you being the only one I brought home a few times for my parents to see. I didn't care what my parents thought, you were all that mattered to me, so I wanted my parents to know who their 2nd daughter's boyfriend would be, and so, I did.

I remember his phone being confiscated by his mum and I got so upset 'cuz he couldn't message or call me for goodness knows how long, and how I jumped and squealed when he messaged me out of the blue 'cuz his mum returned his phone. Yes, I was that happy.

I remember the first quarrel we had, it was about a girl. And how despite me telling him that there is something wrong 'cuz girls don't usually ask for a guy's number, you kept on insisting that no, nothing was wrong. And I was right in the end, like always. I hated the fact that you didn't listen to me, and continued entertaining, despite what I said.

I remember the first time you told me that you loved me, yet I knew you didn't really mean it. I was pissed 'cuz of something which I can't remember and you asked me not to be angry, ending with an "ilu". I didn't believe it. Yet as the days passed, you actually meant it. And I actually believed it. Hear me? I believed it.

I remember the first time I went to his house, 'cuz his mum asked him to bring me along, and he did. I was so scared of meeting his mum that he had to drag me up the stairs, literally. His mum was real nice and cute, so was his uncle, both of them "approved" of me and even asked him to improve himself to be able to be compatible with me.

I remember all those hours I spent sitting at the canal side where I either listened to songs, or played boyf while waiting for him to come back from his run. He always looked so cute as he runs back towards me, his hair all messed up. I'll sit there for a million hours, just to see him, as he runs back to my side.

I remember that night where he stayed over at my house, it was supposed to be a movie marathon, yet we fell asleep halfway through the first movie. And slept throughout the whole night, sneaking out at 6am and going back to his house to sleep.

I remember the fetish we both had for Subway, especially double chocolate chip cookies.We'll go all the way down to Harbourfront centre just to sink our teeth in all the chocolatey goodness. How Sin-ful.

I remember Ikea, Courts and Giant hypermarkets, I went crazy over taking photographs, one whole roll of photos dedicated to how a ferocious eater he is, super cute, I'll never forget.

I remember the promises you broke, time and time again, it's always the same one. You'll never smoke, but yet, each and every time, you still did. I chose to believe you, over and over, and I'm still believing that you won't break the same promise, for the umpteen time.

I remember that night, you stayed over at my room. I smuggled you in, and smuggled you out, it was priceless, that night spent in your arms, both snuggled up under my blanket, two bodies, one heart. One and only, first and last!

And I'll always remember one whole night of songs, singing to each other, being just there, right there.

Our love story has barely just started, there's still so many things to do, so many places to go.

I guess what I want to say is that no matter what, my feelings for you will never grow any lesser, only much more. You're once in a lifetime baby, once in My lifetime.

I've never known that I could give so much in a relationship, so much more than I've ever done before.

I never knew that I'll be willing to give chances after chances, and despite getting hurt every single time, I still gave them, willingly.

I know that if I don't hold on to what is right in front of me right now, I'll live to regret it, and so I won't give myself or anyone that chance to make me regret all that I have right now.

I've been reflecting back at all that has been said and done, and as I prepare to leave for the country I don't want to be in, I'll take all these beautiful thoughts with me, I'll miss you, Desmond, I really will but it's all part and parcel of life to leave and come back.

I guess what I want to say is that I want to star in this love story, forever.

I remember each and every thing we did, big and small, be it for happy or sad, each and every one engraved into my heart.

I'll be your Cinderella girl, and you'll be my fairytale suitor.

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