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Monday, October 20, 2008

Yo mamma.

I buang-ed 6 marks 'cuz I thought it was crystallisation, not titration, fuck.
Made me so goddamn depressed, I wanted to ace my written 'cuz I screwed up my practical.
Now I've got to score doubly well for my Physics, and I know nuts about it, how fantastic.
Just shoot me in the head will you, I seriously hope I won't have to kiss my A1 for Science good bye.
English tomorrow, will end at a ridiculous 7 pm, thanks so much MOE, thanks.
No need to mug much tonight, though I don't even have the mood to, really.
Guess I can say hello to my piercings?
And damn damn, I want a tattoo, on my wrist, or middle finger, or neck, or thigh, or back, or waist..
Ok fine, I shall stop day dreaming already and focus on the present.

Went to Hougang Mall with.. *gasps* Elaine and Joey.
Surprised? Well, I was too when I remembered.
But it turned out rather well? Considering the fact that we haven't really spoken much in the past 3 years?
Went from Macs to Pepper lunch and settled there 'til 6.30 before walking to the bus stop home.
Things were kind of awkward, but not as awkward as I thought it would be, at least we had a constant flow of topics to talk about.
Miss Secondary 1 to the max, but I hope things will turn out for the best :)
We even talked about the one who "broke" us up, lol, heard some stupid stuff?
Desperate now? Tsk tsk, who ask you not to appreciate me when I still harboured feelings for you.
Sucks to be you now, never treasured what you have 'til you lost it.

BabyDes, do you know plenty of people talk about us?
Shocked? I was too.
And it's all 'cuz of your "silly", damn, hate her to the ultimate.
But who cares, you're mine now and too bad to all those hopefuls who want you, or me.
I'll be fucking attached after 3 more weeks of torture, God, please get me through this.
Freedom, I'll make a date with you soon.

Senator Barack Obama, you've got my vote.
I don't like dumb McCain.
Okaaaaaaaay, being random here.

When the Os are gone, I want to..

Go to Sentosa and wear a bikini.
Finally get to go to Kbox with Dawn and Pearleen, yaw'll hear?
Go to the Zoo and Night Safari to be one with the animals.
Head to the Botanic gardens and have a picnic.
Get burnt at the Wild Wild Wet with a bunch of hot babes and my babyDes.
Sit on the Singapore Flyer?
Go overseas to shop.
Bleach my hair a fucking blond yo.
Get hot pink/blue/green/purple extensions, though it's against my principles but..
Eat Subway's double choc chip.
Eat and finish a whole chocolate cake by myself.
Eat Macs shaker fries when they finally sell it again.
Eat cheese hot dogs, missed those.
Eat super rings.
Drink Starbucks, Imma suffering from coffee withdrawal hunneh.
Attend a food fair and stuff my face silly.
Find a job so I can goddamn earn cold hard cash to spend.
Buy motherfucking many clothes with the money I earn.
Ditto splurging on accessories and everything pretty and pink.
Get myself inked.
Pierce a million places.
Tear and burn all my textbooks, worksheets, notes.. Everything.
Be attached to my babyDes so all those desperate people out there can just stfu.
Bitch slap sluts which I just can't stand.
Get myself a better phone.
Not to mention a MP3.
Compose a song for the fun of it.
Watch all the serials I'm getting papa Cheng to buy for me.
Treat my parents to a meal at some expensive place and get babyDes to come along.
Get hamsters and push them to babyDes. Craved for them since forever?
Hold a bbq at my house and invite everyone over for a sleep over.
Spend one whole night outside drinking and toasting to everything under the sun.
Go to Changi Village and talk to those transvestites.
Dress up as a fucking ah lian and see how many people ask for my number.
Dress like a goth and see how many people will get scared when I stare at them.
Get myself a stupid bimbotic English name.
Leave Singapore and go overseas with babyDes, just the two of us, and any other couple who wants to tag along.
Movie marathon! Like 4 movies back to back at least?

Okok, most will only be possible if I get a fucking job that pays me like 15$ per hour?
Must why go work as prostitute, get like 150$ per hour better right -.-

Gawd, why am I posting like some slut today?
Fuck O levels, it's frying my already empty brain.

P/S: I don't fucking care what you say about my babyDes and me (:

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