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Monday, October 20, 2008

last lap.

I've got many many photos from the wedding yo, but no time to upload so I've got to make do with the 3 I've got in my friendster.

Brother, Sister.

Cousin, hot isn't he?

If you haven't recognized, he's the guy from the bus holding a bouquet asking like where should he hide the flowers when he's on his first date.
Considering the fact that I'm on heels, and he has bent one leg, and he's still so much taller, damn.
I want a boyf with his height, but babyDes isn't that tall :(
Who cares, so long as I love him, that's what matters right.

And today's the first written paper I have from the Os, Chemistry, wish me luck yeah.
Last stretch, last lap, last month left.
Run all the way 'til the end 'cuz we've studied a goddamn 4 years for this exam.
Don't look back, just sprint and give it your best shot, 406, smarter than you think! :)

3 more fucking weeks and I'll be bloody free from Secondary School education yo!

And if I don't get into a JC, I'll go on a piercing spree.
Damn, I want my eyebrows, nose, lip, tongue and wherever else which I can't spell, pierced.

I love you loverboy.

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